Un sistema de análisis genómicos gana el Concurso de Proyectos Tecnológicos

El jueves 10 de diciembre fueron entregados en la Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Informática de Ourense los premios del 15º Concurso de Proyectos Tecnológicos. En la modalidad B, resultó ganador el proyecto titulado Sistema para la detección de grandes inserciónes y eliminaciones genéticas y ayuda al diagnóstico de trastornos neurometabólicos de Nuria Canle Casares bajo la tutela del Dr. Daniel González Peña.

ALTER available on Debian and Ubuntu operating systems!

Our successful sequence alignment converter, ALTER, is available on Debian stretch (which "testing" release right now) and in Ubuntu Xenial (the future Ubuntu 16.04 release) as a package named "alter-sequence-alignment" [Debian package] [Ubuntu package].

We are very proud that our software be worth to be included in these fantastic operating systems!

Mass-Up included in MASSyPup(64), the Mass Spectrometry Live Linux

Mass-Up, our open-source mass spectrometry software for proteomics designed to support the preprocessing and analysis of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry data, has been included in the latest release of MASSyPup(64), the Mass Spectrometry Live Linux.

MASSyPup(64) is a Puppy Linux based Live distribution with is focused on the analysis of mass spectrometry data. Since MASSyPup(64) is strongly focussed on efficient mass spectrometry data processing workflows and Data Mining, we are proud and happy that Mass-Up has been included there and can reach a broader range of users.

New AIBench release: AIBench meets Maven and GitHub!

Latest release of AIbench SDK framework (2.5.4) meets Maven and GitHub. With this version, we have changed many things:

Moreover, we have deprecated the nighty builds and the CVS version control.

WARCProcessor released!

WARCProcessor is a platform independent integrative tool providing specific support to scientists that need to perform experiments in the field of web spam research. In detail, the developed application is specialized in the generation of curated corpus for training and validation purposes, widely supports the WARC format and allows the execution of user workflows using both GUI and command line.

WARCProcessor is open-source, being freely available to the scientific community, provides transparent deployment of new versions and can be executed on any computer without the need of downloading and installing additional packages.

Source code of WarcProcessor has been published in GitHub and publicly available for download here.

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