Analytics and Recommendations plugin 4 Moodle

The Analytics and Recommendations plugin for Moodle environment is a tool for giving specific support to both students and teachers. While students can examine single analytics about their individual participation and obtain a global estimate about their final grade, teachers have access to both comparative and individualized activity reports.

Analytics and Recommendations module uses charts and tables which are colour-coded so students can quickly see their progress in the course. Moreover, it visually demonstrates the student participation in each course activity, proposing individualized recommendations about what activities they should work in to improve their final grade.

ALT: Algorithm Learning Tool

ALT is an online tool for the intuitive and step by step graphical display of computer algorithms written in Java. ALT is an extensible tool that allows simple inclusion of new algorithms that can be represented graphically. This tool, developed as a Student Final Project at the Department of Informatics, University of Vigo, provides a new and useful teaching resource for teachers of subjects related to computer algorithms.


BiMS (biclustering for mass spectrometry data) is a Java application designed to allow the application of biclustering algorithms to mass spectrometry datasets.

Users can load their MS datasets and apply different clustering and biclustering algorithms (current version includes Bimax and BiBit). In adition, users can load raw datasets (in mzML or mzXML formats) and preprocess them using MALDIquant package and MassSpecWavelet.

The DPD (Decision Peptide-Driven) tool implements an application for assisting the user in a specific protocol for protein quantification based on 18O labeled inverse labeling and MALDI-TOF-MS analysis, which compares the results of the direct and inverse experiments and quickly identifies reproducible peptides (i.e. those that have similar direct and inverse ratios) that should be used to subsequent and accurate protein absolute quantification.
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