Degree in Computer Science

  • [PI] Programming I
  • [AEDI] Data structures and Algorithms I
  • [ATE] Technology management and the business
  • [AEDII] Data structures and Algorithms II
  • [RCI] Computer Networks I
  • [DBII] Databases II
  • [DC] Datacenters
  • [ABP] Project-based learning
  • [DAGSS] Large software systems architecture design
  • [DM] Mobile devices
  • [DAPI] Internet applications development
  • [TSW] Web technologies and services
  • [DAA] Agile software development
  • [TAMI] Advanced techniques of information management
  • [XCS] Software Configuration Management
  • [ESI] Information Systems Engineering

Master in Computer Science

  • [EC] Knowledge engineering
  • [SI] Information systems
  • [AXS] Security audit and management
  • [SSI] Internet systems and services
  • [AAS] Advanced system administration

SSIA PhD Programme

We supervise PhD students in the Intelligent and Adaptable Software Systems PhD Programme. Our main research lines in this programme are Information Integration, Case-based Reasoning Systems, Text Mining and Data Bases, Agent and Multiagent Systems Modeling, Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Computing, Data mining, Knowledge Acquisition and Representation, Classifier Ensembles and Hybrid AI Models, and Natural Language Processing. Here you can see our current PhD students.


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